trip to Italy and Slovenia - September 2008

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Comment: Images from my 2 week trip for my friend Albert Epps' formal wedding in Tarcento, N/E Italy, Friuli region. The weddding was on September 6.
Click on each of the images to open that 'chapter' of photos from the trip - a compilation of pictures I took with my small cameras, not my usual camera for work - and from several other people from the wedding, friends, etc. Thank you Tricia, Alysia, Jenestra, Sylvia and Antonella as well as Barbara who posted the images from the disposable cameras that were around for anyone to shoot with!
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0 Itinerary

1a Barbara and Alberts wedding

1b Reception and following brunch

2 Our lodging in Tarcento
for the wedding

3 Tarcento and area - various

4 after the wedding Tricia and I
go to Kobarid in Slovenia

5 Slovenia - various tourist shots

6 misc tourist shots
back in Northern Italy

7 a Day trip to Sylvias in Gaeta - So Italy

8 Rome - sightseeing

9 Rome - out with new friends

on the way home on Virgin Atlantic